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Hedgie at A-Kon 13

Welcome to the A-Kon® TV website. We’re updating as we can and will be soon be posting footage from this year’s con as well as previous cons. Be sure to drag the link from our RSS feed into iTunes to receive new programming as it is published.

We’re going to try to post new content to the site every week (multiple times a week) between now and this year’s convention. Please stay tuned!

Yeah, Okay, this is a bit stale.

So it seems that this site is a *bit* out of date. Our apologies. If we were to offer up excuses, it would simply be that sometimes daily life gets in the way.

So with that said, we hope to refresh and update the website in the next few days and get new content added in the next few weeks. We have a lot of stuff to show you and want to keep you coming back.

A-Kon® 21 Cosplay Part 18


A-Kon® 21 Cosplay Part 17


A-Kon® 21 Cosplay Part 16


A-Kon® 21 Cosplay Part 15

Part 15.

Call for Help


Information that may be useful.

Link to the American Red Cross page for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The page includes information to help find families and friends and whether they are safe.

As well as other information regarding travel to Japan and information for those with family members stationed in Japan.

Send aid directly, and track where it goes and see who it helps. ShelterBox.org

A-Kon® 21 Cosplay Walkons Part 14


A-Kon® 21 Cosplay Walkons Part 13


A-Kon® 21 Cosplay Walkons Part 12